Quizzes For Kids

A child’s mind is very fertile in imagination and thus it is very curious about everything in general. Now days the internet is fast emerging as a knowledge storehouse using which the curiosity of a child’s mind can be quenched easily. In fact there are various online websites which have a variety of Quizzes for kids. You can check out the websites that we have discussed below and get a peek in the multiple personality of your child which could be in diverse fields. The results of these online quizzes would also help you understand his IA and the learning ability he enjoys.


You have been teaching your kids many things. Are you aware of the knowledge level he enjoys? When you visit the kidsworldfun website, you can check the ability of your child in various areas from specific to general areas. These quizzes help your child to learn more and improve his vocabulary and general knowledge. The subjects covered are very diverse in nature from geography, simple maths, animals and simple earth facts. Thus your kid when doing these online Quizzes For Kids would enjoy and learn immensely. You as a parent can be assured regarding the safety measures we keep in the website and your kid are only exposed to quality learning and nothing less. A few quizzing categories that we have are as follows-

Quizzes For KidsGeneral Knowledge- Quiz

The kids in the general knowledge quiz section are exposed to basic general awareness level. Here the questions would be simple and once he completes the quiz you would be able to understand his basic general knowledge and take active steps to groom him further.


As a parent you are happy when your kid son speaks English fluently. Have you ever understood a simple fact regarding the level of vocabulary he enjoys and how you can grow it in a more effective manner? Here you can take help of the English quiz and understand whether your kid son understands the meaning of words he uses when he speaks and so on. Various quizzes using fun interactive sessions teach your child English words which have similar and different meanings in them. As the learning medium is fun and interactive, within a few days you would notice your son’s enhanced English vocabulary.

Odd One-Out Quiz

In this type of quiz, your child is made of aware of family members like father; mother, brother, sister and friend. Here he would be asked to point out the odd one out. Here the odd one is the friend as the person is not part of the family.

Brain Teasers

The analogy of a child grows with age and the people behind the quizzes at Kids World Fun quiz website understand that. The brain teaser segment would give simple brain teasers to your child and you can check later as to how quickly he does them with ease. In case he has problems you as a parent need to understand the root cause and encourage him to learn.


Most young kids find Quizzes For Kids related to math’s interesting. The people behind the quiz website kidsmathgamesonline encourage the young minds to swim in the vast ocean of mathematics and find their favorite area which could be simple numbers, logic or even geometry.


This quiz segment deals with probability, how they should use decimal places in numbers and understand and use various types of graphs to their best advantage.

Geometry- Quiz

Here the kid would learn about various shapes and sizes in the science of geometry, learn about building blocks, angles and grinds. These are difficult topics but the interactive easy quizzes help them to learn faster and the beautiful graphics help them to remember what they have learnt in a better manner.

Quiz on Inresting Math’s Facts

The world of mathematics is full of curious facts and figures which is fun and interesting to learn. Here you would learn about quotes from famous mathematician and also get to understand about the background regarding various signs and shapes used in maths.

You would soon realize the growing curve of your child would increase as he purses these various online quizzes on a regular basis and his academic progress would also be excellent.

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